If you are somebody who has created an online forum or community, and if you are not exactly seeing any success in the community, you will obviously need to adjust your strategy. You don’t have to go ahead and delete the entire community or forum and start from scratch; you will obviously need to find where things are going wrong, and you will need to improve them. In this article, I am going to be giving you some very important tips that you will need for a thriving online forum or community.

The first tip that I would like to talk about is, basically, you should celebrate your community members. At the end of the day, your community should serve all the members. While it is an amazing marketing strategy to sell a lot more products and also grow your brand awareness, it only works if you are treating all of the members right. You need to give them some attention.

A part of a thriving online community is basically highlighting all of the community members and making sure that they are seen and acknowledged. You can do this by talking to the members who are actually very loyal.

Online Forum Or Community

How are you celebrate these members is completely dependent on what kind of community you have. You need to know what makes them feel appreciated and what makes them feel special. You could even feature them in an article or give them a free weeks supply of your product. You can even send them a T-shirt, or you can give them a free subscription to something.

Make sure that you hire the right kind of community manager. Your community manager is very essential, especially to the success of your community. If your manager isn’t moderating the group properly, the members may actually get offended by other members, and they may end up leaving. You will have a very tarnished perspective of the brand. If the members are not feeling like they are getting the value that they were promised, they may actually leave. If the members are constantly sent a lot of notifications, they will end up silencing the community, and they will forget about it. Make sure that the community manager that you have hired knows how to experience and handle the community of your size. They should know how to handle everything.
Make sure that you track and measure almost everything you can.

You should also know that you should join and learn from other communities. There will obviously be other successful communities out there and, you can learn some decent things from them and implement them in your community/forum.

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